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Financial Profile

Download our Financial Profile brochure in PDF format.

Fee Based Relationship

Download our Fee Based Relationship in PDF format.

GIPS Post Verification

Download our GIPS Post Verification Brochure in PDF format.

Five Topics

Download our Five Topics to Ask Your Advisor brochure in PDF format.

Standing Above

Download our Standing Above the Crowd brochure in PDF format.

ADV Brochure

Link to Cyr Financial’s Investment Adviser Firm Summary from the Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website.

How to Budget

Download our How to Budget Brochure in PDF format.

Account Forms

Account Transfer

Download an Account Transfer form in PDF format.

Quarterly Trade Confirmations

Download Quarterly Trade Confirmation
in PDF Format.

Account Application

Download a Standard Account Application in PDF format.

IRA Application

Download an IRA Application in PDF format.

Move Money

Download a Move Money in PDF format.

Tax Forms


Download a W-9 tax form in PDF format.


Download a W-4 tax form in PDF format.

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